Secure Artwork Storage with Artil

Our warehouse is ready to accommodate all types of artworks from galleries, private collections, or museums.

The security and preservation of your assets are our priority. That's why we are located in a fully secure building in Val d'Oise, Taverny (95150).

Our depot is completely secure with dynamic temperature control and equipped with modern logistics and technology.

It is suitable for:

  • Storage of artworks in transit for exhibitions for export or import
  • Temporary or indefinite storage based on your needs
  • Storage of empty crates for reuse
  • Dedicated space for the presentation of artworks

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Artil, a Secure Warehouse for Your Artworks

The features of our depot include :

  • A volumetric surveillance system approved by NFA2P active 24/7
  • Humidity level of 55%
  • Artworks stored individually wrapped by client
  • Presence of fire safety equipment (fire extinguishers, smoke detectors)
  • Dedicated unloading spaces
  • Secure vehicle parking
  • Thick iron bars and sealed windows on the ground floor
  • Collective storage in a heated space equipped with permanent dynamic temperature control.
Insured under Professional Multirisk Contract No. 7273566904 with AXA
Artwork Damage Insurance Contract No. 91603290 with Helvetia Artworks
Carrier Liability Insurance Contract No. 91603289 with Helvetia Carriers and Logisticians

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